Personal Insurance Videos

Video - A Lesson in Spontaneous Combustion
A Lesson in Spontaneous Combustion
Defined as "the ignition of organic matter without apparent cause typically through heat generated internally by rapid oxidation", spontaneous combustion in costing homeowners, business owners, and insurance carriers millions of dollars annually. This short clip from Tucson, Arizona's KGUN 9 news broadcast provides valuable details on this phenomenon and how to control the effects of its resulting fires.

Video - Filing Your Home Insurance Claim
After A Loss: Filing Your Home Insurance Claim
Learn the steps you should take after a storm or fire loss to your home to help mitigate further damage and start the claims process. For more on filing your insurance claim or homeowner safety and prevention tips, visit our Resources page.

Video - Central Signature℠ Program – Policyholder
Central Signature® Program – Policyholder
You've achieved success and your standard of living deserves only the best in protection and service. The Central Signature Program has been handcrafted to deliver exceptional coverage and value by providing insurance protection specifically tailored to your needs.

Video - Insurance Advice for Gen Y
Does Mom Know Best? Insurance Advice for Gen Y
This conversation between a mother and her adult son provides some great advice on insurance coverage for the young professionals of Generation Y.

Video - Identity Fraud Protection
Don't Be a Victim: Identity Fraud Protection
Learn about the benefits of Central's Identity Fraud Protection and hear from an identity theft victim who successfully recovered using the services. You can learn more about Identity Fraud Protection from Central on our website.

Video - Electrical Safety
Electrical Safety: How to keep yourself and others safe!
Basic electrical safety tips to help keep you and others safe. For more safety tips and information, visit our Resources page.

Video - Generator Safety Tips
Generator Safety Tips
Tips to safely use a portable generator. For more on safety during a power outage, visit our blog.

Video - Holiday Safety Tips
Holiday Safety Tips
Safety tips to help your family prevent fire and injury and have a safe and healthy holiday season. For more on holiday safety, visit our blog.

Video - How to Complete a Household Inventory
How to Complete a Household Inventory
Learn why it's important to have a household inventory and how to complete one. Visit our website to download our Household Inventory brochure.

Video - How to Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip
How to Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip
Car maintenance checks you should perform before taking your car on a road trip. For more tips on preparing for a vacation, refer to our Vacation Checklist on our website, or visit our blog to read about vacation insurance coverage.

Video - Ins 101: Parent's Guide to College
Insurance 101 – A Parent's Guide to College Student Coverages
Going off to college is an exciting but worrisome time in every parent's life. Moving into a dorm or apartment, buying a new computer, taking a vehicle to school – these major events all have insurance implications. Watch this video to make sure you, and your college-age child, have adequate protection in place.

Video - Ins 101: Boat Insurance Basics
Insurance 101 – Boat Insurance Basics
Learn the basics of boat insurance to ensure you have the knowledge and insurance coverages to help you stay afloat.

Video - Ins 101: College Students
Insurance 101 – Coverages for College Students
College – a single word that instills joy in every young adult's mind. But before you hit the snooze for your first early morning class, watch this short video to discover ways to make sure you and your belongings are properly covered by insurance!

Video - Ins 101: Deductibles
Insurance 101 – Deductibles
Deductibles are a vital component in any insurance policy, but they can be confusing. Learn how deductibles work and what to consider when picking one for your policy.

Video - Ins 101: Homeowners Coverages
Insurance 101 – Homeowners Coverages
Homeowners insurance protects your most valuable investment. Explore the basic property and liability coverages the standard homeowners policy has to offer.

Video - Ins 101: Independent Agents
Insurance 101 – Independent Agents
Discover the advantages of using an Independent Insurance Agent to build a custom fitted insurance product, while unlocking the mysteries of insurance. Visit our website to find an independent agent near you!

Video - Ins 101: Insuring Your Valuables (Scheduled Personal Property)
Insurance 101 – Insuring Your Valuables (Scheduled Personal Property)
Most of us own some type of valuable personal property - a collection of baseball cards, an engagement ring, a family heirloom just to name a few. A standard homeowners policy offers only limited coverage, if any, for the protection of these valuables. Watch this video to learn what you can do to make sure your valuables are properly covered.

Video - Ins 101: LLC Endorsement for Your Home
Insurance 101 – LLC Endorsement for Your Home
Your home is deeded through an LLC and you can't find anyone to insure it since it's now considered a business property! A standard homeowners policy covers a person, not a business. And you can't get a business policy since you don't actually run a business from my home. Watch our video to learn more about LLC deeded homes and to find out how we can help!

Video - Ins 101: Personal Auto Coverages
Insurance 101 – Personal Auto Coverages
Auto insurance can be confusing! Briefly learn about the four basic coverages included in a standard personal auto policy.

Video - Ins 101: Personal Auto Limits
Insurance 101 – Personal Auto Limits
You're purchasing auto insurance to protect your vehicle, but what are these coverage limits about? Let's briefly take a look at some of the common limits found in a standard personal auto policy.

Video - Ins 101: Personal Umbrella Policy
Insurance 101 – Personal Umbrella Policy
Do you own a dog, drive a car, or Invite guests into your home? If so, you have the potential to be the target of a lawsuit, putting you at risk of losing everything you've worked for over the years! Watch our video to learn how a Personal Umbrella Policy could protect you!

Video - Ins 101: Renters Insurance
Insurance 101 – Renters Insurance
Home is where the heart is, and maybe all of your stuff too! If you're among the 1/3 of all U.S. households that rents, your stuff may not be protected should you suffer a fire or theft. Watch this video to learn the importance of having the protection of a Renters policy!

Video - Ins 101: Subrogation
Insurance 101 – Subrogation
Standard insurance polices have several clauses and conditions to the coverage they provide, and subrogation is often one of those clauses. Watch this video to learn about subrogation, how it works, and how it affects you!

Video - Ins 101: Tree Damage
Insurance 101 – Tree Damage
From heavy winds to ice and snow, all kinds of weather can bring tree limbs or even entire trees crashing down. Will your insurance policy cover the damage? What if it's your neighbor's tree? Watch this video to learn how tree debris removal coverage applies when you have a standard homeowners policy.

Video - Insurance 101: UM/UIM Coverages (Personal Auto)
Insurance 101 – UM/UIM Coverages (Personal Auto)
Three out of every seven drivers on the road are driving without insurance or without enough insurance coverage, and they're putting YOU at risk! Watch this video to learn more about how Uninsured Motorist and Underinsured Motorists Coverage can help protect you!

Video - Insurance 101: Water Damage Basics
Insurance 101 – Water Damage Basics
You may not have realized that a standard homeowners policy does not cover all losses caused by water. Even if you have extended coverage, a loss caused by water may or may not be covered by your insurance policy. The source of water makes a big difference. Watch this video to learn more!

Video - Preventing Frozen Pipes
Preventing Frozen Pipes
Frozen pipes can be one of the most damaging and costly side effects of cold temperatures. In this video, we share tips on how to prevent frozen pipes and what to do should you discover a frozen pipe.

Video - Preventing Ice Dams
Preventing Ice Dams
Ice dams are ridges of ice that form on the edge of your roof. As the snow on your roof melts from the heat escaping your home or from rising temperatures, the melting snow backs up behind the dam and makes its way underneath your shingles and into your home. The damage from an ice dam can be extensive as the water leaks in and ruins insulation, walls, ceilings, and more. Watch our video for more information on ice dams and how to prevent them.

Video - Simple Roof Maintenance Tips
Simple Roof Maintenance Tips
Your roof is a vital part of your home. Watch this video to learn simple maintenance tips that can be used to help prevent losses and prolong the life of your roof.

Video - Simple Sump Pump Maintenance
Simple Sump Pump Maintenance
Demonstration of the steps you should take annually to maintain your sump pump. For more tips on home maintenance, visit our Resources page.

Video - teenSMART® Driver Safety Program
teenSMART® Driver Safety Program
They were once in a car seat... now they're in the driver's seat. Your teen driver can legally operate a 4,000 pound machine without your supervision! Watch this video to learn more about TeenSMART, an interactive program designed to educate teen drivers and provide additional decision making experience to put parents and new drivers at ease.

(un)Common Sense – E-mail & Internet Security
(un)Common Sense – E-mail & Internet Security
E-mail is an essential part of our everyday work life. Many of us don't think about the consequences of clicking on a link or attachment in an e-mail that contains a virus, but the ripple effect from that one click can quickly become a tidal wave of trouble! Watch this video to learn more about protecting not only yourself, but your place of employment!

Video - What to Do After a Car Accident
What to Do After a Car Accident
Learn the steps to follow after you are involved in a car accident to begin the claims process. You can also refer to our "What to Do After a Car Accident" brochure.

Video - Why You Need a Personal Umbrella Policy
Why You Need a Personal Umbrella Policy
This video explains what an umbrella policy is and why you should have one. Learn more about the value of a personal umbrella policy on our blog or on our website.

Video - Why You Need Equipment Breakdown Coverage
Why You Need Equipment Breakdown Coverage
Outlines the benefits of having Equipment Breakdown Coverage to protect your important home systems and personal property in the event of a covered loss due to a mechanical or electrical breakdown. Learn more about Equipment Breakdown coverage on our website.